Lock Contacts

Links, Online gauges, phone numbers for Locks & River Authorities

This page contains links to some useful documents and to other websites.

  • Gaugemap online flow and level gauges. On each of the pages below, click on the “graph options” button to choose between day/week/month/year results.
    Heading downstream
    • North Muskham (non-tidal): level . [Alternate site here.] Typical range is 0.5m to 3m. As this document explains, 0.8m is a typical “summer” level, ie a small amount of water. 1.25m is a suggested “amber” warning level, and 1.5m and over is “red”.
    • North Muskham (non-tidal): flow. Typical range is between 3,000 and 30,000 million litres a day. The former is equivalent to about 35 cubic metres a second (a more usual unit for river flows) and is not very much. The latter is ten times more, and is rather a lot even for a big river like the Trent.
    • Torksey (tidal): level[Alternate sitehereThe cill at the lock is at 1.2m, using the same datum. So if the gauge reads (say) 2.2m then you should have 1.0m of water when you enter or leave the lock
    • Gainsborough (tidal): level [Alternate site here]
    • Keadby (tidal): level [Alternate site here]

Contact phone numbers

Cromwell07887 754485 or landline 01636 821213
Torksey07884 238781 or landline: 01427 718202
Boston Grand Sluice07712 010920
West Stockwith07884 238780
Keadby07733 124611
Railway bridge (Network rail) 0330 858 4478
Holme07887 787353
Stoke07887 787350
Gunthorpe07887 787351
Hazleford07887 787352
Newark Nether07887 754487
Newark Town07887 754486

Lock keeper shift and tide times (North East region: Keadby, West Stockwith, also Selby and Naburn).

Information on Cromwell and Torksey is from CRT notices system (East Midlands region).